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I know the language of your laugh, tripping over circumstance I know the story of your walk, I taste the sugar in the salt I taste to savour your little ways, the colours that you choose to paint your day

Friday, December 01, 2006

The hand of god and we ain't talking Maradona

Last night I met up again with Argie boy, Seb, and still the Belgrano has not sunk. There is hope. There is also a man overboard here. Lost in a sea of things called emotions, I believe, about someone, who seems not only like a good man but a good fit. I want to lose the cynical edge, tone down the sarcasm, get back to basics and my hopes up high but I dont want them shot down by a five foot 11 smiling Juan Peron. Anyway, who does?

So I sit in the black leather armchair of Mastermind: Specialist subject Sebastien Carro. "You have sixty seconds, your time starts now".

Q The youngest of four children who live between Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls, what did Sebastien's parents do?
A Married once before, his mother, 69, owned a newspaper where his father was a journalist. Both Peronistas, the paper, along with their savings, was expropriated by the Government after Juan Peron's party was ousted in 1955 and sent to Spain. The dictatorship, which took over, lasted until 19something or other and then she returned north in the early 70s where Sebastien was born. His father died when Seb was a child.


Q To where did Seb's mother flee to save her family?
A Patagonia


Q Name Sebastien's three ex partners.
A Fernando in Argentina, was a doctor, now a politician. I hate him. Christian and Alex, who was French and split after three years last year (I hate him too) on account of Alex's different views of marriage to Seb's more traditional ones and his looking down on Seb for having given up economics to become a chef. I am Jewish. We like our food. The fact that he can cook will put him on the same level as Moses.


Q What did Lee feel uncomfortable about on the date, which challeneged his bucket load of insecurities and neuroses?
A Firstly, he is very photogenetic. He could drink 15 pints of Guiness and hang upside down in the curtains and look like a soap star. I blink and I look like someone killed Frankenstein with a hot wet flannel. Plus, Lee is not the kind of bloke who wants to be fed tripe with someone else's chopsticks in front of a crowded and possibly watching chinese restaurant, or have his hand taken walking in Knightsbridge or kissed INSIDE Leicester Square tube station near the police officers.


Q Why did Seb get suspended yesterday from BMI?
A Because his manager stabbed him in the back and said he was responsible for violating airline regulations by allowing a child under 14 to sit in the window seat next to the wing exit. The kid moved back there as the plane was taking off. He was suspended. It is as ridiculous as it sounds.


Q How did Seb earn $5000 at the age of 19?
A He got the money after posing in Levi jeans for a magazine article, which went around South America. I think his buttocks have travelled. Apparently they are sublime.

Correct and just in time.. at the end of that round, you have 23 points. I want to get to the final.