My ordinary life

I know the language of your laugh, tripping over circumstance I know the story of your walk, I taste the sugar in the salt I taste to savour your little ways, the colours that you choose to paint your day

Thursday, January 04, 2007

He ain't heavy, it's my brother's telly

Merry Xmas

After buying a 28 inch TV and DVD player for him and his flatmates from a shop in Manchester, my 27 year-old brother asked me for help to lift it out of the car and into the house when we got home. However, he did so in such a patronising, shouting, arrogant, stubborn, rude way like I was a five year-old on a bike. I therefore refused. He tried alone and dropped it. Scratches down the side and damaged. He stormed into the house claiming I owed him £80, it was my fault for not helping. I assured him that the TV would have made a safe journey into the living room had he apologised for talking to me like a toddler.

The next couple of days were hell. I gave him a hug (he just stood there with his arms at his side) and I told him we have to draw a line under this before it turns into the Middle East. He ate when we didn't, we went out when he stayed home, he went out when we stayed home and he drove home on Xmas Day morning, claiming my mum always takes my side, that he feels unwelcome, so we drove to family in Stockport in very high spirits, armed with cheap £1 Xmas crackers with no bang.

There, I was under strict instruction not to talk to relatives we see once in a blue moon on any issues including politics, religion, sexuality, family issues or my "personal" life. So I just bunkered down, ate some turkey, drank wine and prayed for sunset. I am not saying my family are basically simple but Scrabble saw words like "of" "it" "and" and a four letter mega-word "food". By the time we reached the triple word boxes, it was indeed sunset and time to get the hell out of there and go home to watch sitcom repeats on an undamaged television.